PBXware 6 Dashboard

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PBXware System Dashboard provides single-page overview of important PBXware information and statistics in real time. On this page you are able to see information on running services, call statistics, licensing and Apps usage as well as hardware status information.

Calls Overview

Calls Overview

Calls overview section displays information on number of live calls on PBXware along with number of calls in past hour, number of calls made in current day as well as Answered calls, displayed in a circle that depicts percentage of answered calls vs total calls.

  • Now
Number of current calls on PBXware.
  • Last Hour
Number of PBXware calls in past hours.
  • Today
Number of calls for a current day.
  • Answered calls
Number of answered calls displayed in percentage.

SIP Registrations

SIP Registrations

SIP Registrations displays information on successful, failed and lagged SIP registrations.

  • Successful
Number of successful PBXware SIP registrations.
  • Failed
Number of failed PBXware SIP registrations.
  • Lagged
Number of PBXware SIP registrations that are currently in lagged state.

Note: If any of these three values is different than zero, you will be able to click on it to get more information.

PBXware services


Services section of PBXware dashboard allows you to monitor current status of main system services: PBXware, PBX Service, PBXware Proxy, Push Notifications, Chat Server and Memcached. If green check mark icon is displayed, service is running without any issues, otherwise, red *X* mark will inform you that there are some issues with the service and that it has been stopped.

  • PBXware
This represents the main PBXware service, if the PBXware service stops for some reason you will not be able to access your system through web interface.
  • PBX Service
PBX Service is core service PBXware is running on. In case PBX Service is not running, you will be able to access PBXware web interface but you will not be able to make or receive calls.
  • PBXware Proxy
PBXware Proxy is connecting to asterisk manager and reading events which are then put into memcached for later usage. Based on that data, monitoring section will provide information users are interested in.
  • Push Notifications
Push Notifications service will wake up mobile devices in case there is a call to that extension
  • Chat Server
Chat Server is messaging service that allows you to use chat when connected to PBXware with our desktop and mobile apps.
  • Memcached
Memcached service stores information which is read by PBXware Proxy.

Extensions Online

Exstensions Online & gloCOM Users

Extensions online diagram depicts number of online extensions compared to the total number of PBXware extensions.

gloCOM Users

GloCOM Users diagram depicts number of logged gloCOM users compared to the total number of available licenses.

gloCOM Editions Online

gloCOM Editions Online

This section displays information on apps registered to PBXware and editions they are using.

NOTE: Please take in consideration that numbers might be off slightly because of the way mobile devices are trying to minimize power consumption. Once application is in the background and not interacted with for some time, device will defer CPU and network activity to that application.

gloCOM GO and Communicator GO are also affected by this and when the system is in Doze/background mode or when system forces application into a stand by mode, applications may not be connected to server and may not receive incoming calls. Doze mode on Android kicks in when device is not used for more than an hour. On iOS application become suspended when in background for more than 10 minutes.


Licensing usage

Licensing section helps you to prevent issues with licensing by displaying percentage usage information of your PBXware license for Extensions, IVRs, Queues and Conferences.

System Hardware Usage


Hardware usage section displays important information on current server load, it helps you easily monitor main hardware components like disk space, CPU and memory usage.

  • Disk Usage
Disk usage section displays information on current PBXware hard disk usage.
  • CPU
CPU section displays information on current CPU usage on PBXware server.
  • Memory
Memory section displays information on current PBXware memory usage.

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