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The PBXware department is responsible for development and documentation of devices supported in our PBXware software. Among other things, we are responsible for:

  • Adding the provisioning support for new UADs.
  • Maintaining the currently supported UADs.
  • Resolving any issues with the currently supported UADs.
  • Documenting the UADs.

To see the list of the currently supported UADs, please refer to the SUPPORTED UAD LIST.


If a customer needs a new UAD to be supported in PBXware, s(he) should make an official request of adding support for the specified UAD. Before starting the procedure, a customer has to follow a set of steps presented below.

  • Contact the PBXware Team by sending the official request.
  • Upon receiving the request, developers will conduct a research into the UAD technicalities to confirm that the UAD can be supported in PBXware.
  • Developers will determine the time needed to implement support for the specified UAD.
  • In case there was no previous arrangement made with the customer, s(he) is quoted with the developers' time. This is necessary due to the fact that the roadmaps for the software are already set.
  • Bicom Systems reserves the right to add the UAD changes into mainstream support.

Please note the following:

  • Support for new UADs cannot be implemented for older PBXware versions.
  • The provisioning guide for the requested UAD must be available on the official website.
  • In case of a new manufacturer, direct contact with their Support team must be established.